The Literacy Clinic

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How Can The Literacy Clinic Help You?

The Literacy Clinic is designed to help individuals of all ages improve in the areas of reading, spelling, writing, and comprehension.  Whether you are struggling with a learning disability or simply need to improve literacy skills, TLC can offer a treatment program tailored to meet a variety of needs.

An initial reading assessment is required to determine the student's current reading ability.  This assessment investigates letter to sound association, word attack ability, word identification skills, spelling, reading, and oral comprehension.

Information gathered from any assessment(s) is reviewed with parents (or the student if he/she is of adult age) and further recommendations are made.  The assessment process allows us to determine what type of intervention is required or whether intervention is needed at all.  Assessment results also act as a baseline to gauge future growth, and post-testing is done at regular intervals to determine progress and future needs.

Treatment time varies depending upon the severity of the student's dysfunction, the age of the student, and the number of hours per week the student attends. Treatment time may be less for students who only need enhancement of their skills.  Typically a minimum of three sessions per week is recommended for consistent results.


Why Choose Us?

Staff at The Literacy Clinic are experienced and knowledgeable educators who have taught hundreds of students to become proficient readers.  Many, in fact, are parents like you who want the best possible educational services available for their children.  

Knowing how to read proficiently and confidently is not only essential to the functioning of day-to-day life, but can create positive changes in the way a person feels about him/herself that will last a lifetime.  What parent doesn't want to provide every opportunity for their child's success in school and in life?  Our children are our most precious resource, the promise and guarantee of the future.  Let us help prepare your child to face that future as a confident, optimistic, and empowered individual.  It is undoubtedly the best investment you will make for yourself and in the life of your child!