The Literacy Clinic
"Thank you so much for the progress report.  This is a wonderful evaluation that accurately reflects the efforts she has made over the past few months.  I have noticed that she is already having a much better school year, and recently aced a 90% on a math exam.  It is a life changer for Emily and for us.  We are so proud of her.  Such a difference from this year to last-and all thanks to your approach, and lovingly dedicated teachers!"



"I just wanted to thank you for your help with our son.  You were always engaging and enthusiastic, and I believe that your expertise and positive attitude contributed greatly to his overall academic success!"


"What a great learning environment you have created here, Laura!  We always feel so welcome, like family!  Skooter and Eddie complete the team atmosphere, and are wonderful additions to the staff!  Most of all, though, our child has embraced reading, and has improved his writing skills immensely.  I am not sure where he'd be without your support and outstanding program."



"Just sending you another email from her English teacher this time!  We’re very proud of her and how hard she is working. We can’t wait to see her soar!  At home, we have noticed that her reading has really started to take off, especially when it comes to reading street signs, emails or text messages!  We are so thankful for you!"


"Sincere, honest, and always transparent, Laura and her team go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to my child.  My partner and I are highly impressed with the level of service offered here, and would never consider going elsewhere for help for our child.  We thank you, and appreciate the way you make learning fun for our daughter!"
"Just wanted to tell you guys that in the little amount of time Kalli has been working with your clinic, we have seen more improvement than any other centre!
Her reading skills are improving and it makes me SO happy to see this!  Thank you so much!"
"Thank you so much for the pictures, and making Arianna feel so comfortable yesterday! She was a bit nervous, but her brothers reassured her that she would have fun. This morning she is asking if she can just go to Hudson Literacy Clinic instead of school. Your special magic has already won her over, and she loved Skooter. Thank you for welcoming her! I know she is starting at a lower level, but by wanting to try, I know she is fiesty and has it in her to learn! 


"We were unsure at first about how learning online would go.  We took a leap of faith, and boy are we happy we did!   Nothing has changed in the learning; the teacher is great and on point.  We receive the material that we need, and my daughter can interact with the teacher in real time.  It has been enjoyable and stress free.  My daughter has jumped three levels in reading,  and we are so pleased that we have decided to add math to her curriculum and that is going great as well!   Thank you to Laura and her team!  You came into our lives at the exact moment that we needed you, and gave us the tools to be able to do this through online learning."



"Thank you for making remote (online) learning effective, engaging, and best of all, fun for our children.  My child looks forward to her lessons with Kaitlyn, and she is making great progress as a result of Kaitlyn's level of experience and professionalism!  Laura, we wish to express our sincerest gratitude to you and your fantastic team of educators!  Your passion for and dedication to your students is evident, your commitment to the learning process is exemplary, and the passion you demonstrate is inspiring.  Keep doing what you do so well!"

"I wanted to tell you that Liam won an achievement award at school this year for 'online learning.'  I am sure that working online with Shaneha helped him to earn this award.  Thank you for continuing to offer your services online and for doing such a great job.


"Thanks for encouraging us to apply to Vanguard. Jacob is exactly where he should be, and he is doing really well this year.  I know how it is hard for you not to see him, but keep that in mind that you guys have helped him tremendously!"



"It is great to have the option for online lessons during the COVID-19 crisis.  My daughter looks forward to her lessons each week, and we are happy to have this service available for her.  Teachers are kind, knowledgeable, and effective.  Our thanks for your dedication to our daughter's academic development!"



"Thank you for the awesome work you are doing with Max.  His reading has become so much better, even in French!  His confidence has been boosted.  We are really happy with your services!"

"Please extend our thanks and appreciation to all staff at the Hudson Literacy Clinic.  You and Jodie have guided and supported Alessia in her math skills development, during which time she was able to acquire a level of confidence that has allowed her to be proactive in her learning.  
Please let Jodie know she got 80% at her last test!
Alessia enjoyed the environment in which the learning was set; you and your staff are very welcoming which reassures your commitment to our children.  Thank you for the positive impact that this experience has had on our daughter.  Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday season and continued success for 2020!"

We are so grateful for all your help with Nicki and your wonderful guidance for us at home.  She has come so far!  As for reading, she is now reading 100+ page chapter books and reads out loud to me with relative ease.  I am so happy I could cry!"

~Stacey Knecht (Speech Language Pathologist)

"I would like to thank you and your whole team for all you have done to help Kristin in her development. We have seen tremendous progress during the time she was following your program." 



"We were very fortunate to have wonderful teachers for both boys. They were great!"



"Thanks for all the work you've done with Hailey.  It's comforting to know that you are there, should she need a little educational boost in the future!"



"My child earned an award for the very first time in June!  He was so proud to receive a school award for 'most improved' and we acknowledge that it because of the dedicated staff at Hudson Literacy that our son has achieved this milestone!  I am a proud mama!  It has been quite a journey with many miles to go, but definately worthwhile.  We are getting there, together!  HLC staff, please know that you are changing children's lives forever.  We love you guys!"



"I wanted to share with you how happy I am with Liam’s progress, and how proud I am that he is continuing to work so hard.  We are very grateful and fortunate to have a clinic like yours!"


"How can we thank you enough?  We appreciate your hard work and dedication."  
"We've tried several different types of services in the past with unsatisfactory results.  A psychologist recommended we try HLC, and we are quite impressed with the results thus far.  Staff is patient and knowledgeable and administration is always upfront and honest.  My husband and I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it is to finally have someone explain the gaps in our daughter's learning in clear and concise terms.  Very supportive to families."  
"My daughter has been attending Hudson Literacy Clinic for the past nine months and the change in her is just incredible. Her math skills have improved so much more than I expected and she is filled with self-confidence for the first time. I was concerned about the commute at the beginning but it turned out to be totally worth it!"
We greatly appreciate all you have done for Sage. We have had an immensely positive experience at the HLC and Sage has grown exponentially because of the specific programming and dedication of his educators. I thank you and everyone involved from the bottom of my heart. HLC had been an important part of unlocking Sage's potential. I cannot thank you enough for all the successes we have experienced.


We wanted to thank you for the amazing Literacy Clinic you've established in Hudson.  It has been such an excellent place for Kate; she has come so far in her reading and perhaps more importantly, in her confidence.  We love Mme Lucie and are so grateful for her soft and gentle encouragement with Kate.  Kate has learned new strategies that are paying off in many ways and her report card this semester is just one glimpse of that.  All this to say, we LOVE the Hudson Literacy Clinic and are so grateful for it!



I appreciate you for always watching out for Jacob, and always wanting the best for him as we proceed to apply to Vanguard.  We thank you for always being sensitive to children's needs and for recognizing that they too, can have off days. 



"I just wanted to say that I absolutely love how happy Lorenzo is walking out of the clinic every week!  I’ve noticed that he is continually wanting to try, and practices his reading consistently.  Yesterday in the car, he says, 'I really like Miss Lindsey, she is a lot of fun, and she is very nice.' Then he got quiet for a while.  Five minutes later he spoke up,  'Mom, I'd really like to bring Miss Lindsey a coffee or hot chocolate for next time, and it has to come out of my own money, ok?'  This was quite something, as Lorenzo usually asks to use my money…but for Miss Lindsey, he is willing to spend his own!" ?



"My husband and I can’t thank you enough. You and your team will always have a special place in our hearts:)"




"Matthew recently completed his placement exams for high school. He scored very well:  Maths test 90% and French reading/comprehension A and C respectively.  It has been a long, but thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Matthew has progressed so much, and we can’t thank you enough.  It is a testament to you and your staff that not once in all the time that he has been a part of this journey, has he ever not wanted to go.  I will continue to sing your praises to anyone we encounter who is in need of support.  Thank you!"




"The Hudson Literacy Clinic is a fantastic place.  They really helped my child with his reading and writing.  My child looked forward to his lessons every week. The staff is amazing, and I highly recommend them if you child needs extra help.  Thanks again for all you have done for John!  Have a great school year."



"Thank you Laura and your amazing team at the Hudson Literacy Clinic for your commitment and passion.  I have so much appreciation in my heart and soul for you and your team.  You are all super heroes in my eyes.  My beautiful boy has made unprecedented progress in the last 6 months.  His confidence is rising and he finally has the tools and support to realize his full potential.  You and your dedicated staff have made this possible for Jake.  You have transformed his young life."  



"Staff at the Hudson Literacy Clinic are experienced, knowledgeable teachers who are excellent at what they do.  My child is becoming a more confident reader!"

"The people at Hudson Literacy clinic care deeply about improving our children’s ability to read. They also bring a combination of compassion, experience, and a proven methodology which has driven material results for our daughter. We are extremely grateful to be able to work with them. Thanks for everything. We are very happy to have met you and your team!"

"Measureable, quantifiable results.  Teachers at HLC don't just tell you that your child is improving-they show you!  Highly recommended!"

"I highly recommend the Hudson Literacy Clinic for any child experiencing difficulty with reading.  My child has made great progress in a very short period, and is becoming more interested in books."
"This will be the best investment you'll make for your child's future.  Teachers at Hudson Literacy Clinic are warm and caring, and take the time to get to know your child."
"My son and I have had a wonderful experience at the Hudson Literacy Clinic.  In just a few short weeks, I have seen a substantial improvement in not only my son's reading abilities, but also in his self-confidence!  I don't know what we would have done without them, and I can't say enough about their caring manner."

"Thank you to the Hudson Literacy Clinic!  In just ten sessions we've seen huge improvement in our son's reading and comprehension.  Even his teachers have noticed an improvement.  His confidence has grown to the point where he now asks to read to his baby sister."

"We appreciate all you do and have done for our son over the past few months at the Clinic.  Hudson Literacy Clinic is a pleasant and loving environment for children.  We are so glad we had the opportunity to be part of it."

Thank-you for all your work with Emily.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated!